By integrating multiple space systems (Telecommunication, Navigation, Earth Observation, Manned Space Technologies) with non-space assets, new and improved services can be created for a wide range of users.
The Integrated Applications Promotion Programme (IAP) of ESA, the European Space Agency, supports the development and validation of viable operational services relying on such a combination of systems.
ESA's IAP programme has partnered with the Swiss Space Office to establish an Ambassador Platform dedicated to fostering the development of integrated space-based applications with and for the Swiss industry: AP-Swiss.
AP-Swiss fosters the emergence and development of such integrated applications and services with and for the Swiss industry.


AP-Swiss at Lift14

AP-Swiss will be at Lift14, the upcoming annual Lift Conference, in Geneva on 5-7 February 2014. This conference will gather more than 1000 participants from more than 30 countries.

AP-Swiss will ensure a strong presence at Lift14 (see through:

  1. An Open Stage presentation during the Plenary session, on Thursday 6 February entitled “Space Technology Empowering Innovation”;

  2. Followed by a 90 minutes Workshop at 11:30 on the same day, to a selected audience. During this Masterclass, José Achache will make a short introduction of the IAP (ARTES 20) and Satcom (ARTES 3-4) programmes of ESA and, then, leave the floor to Swiss companies to present projects under development, such as :

  3. A dedicated booth in the Start-up Lounge, throughout the 3 days of the Conference, which will facilitate bilateral discussions with interested participants and start-ups.

By gathering observers, explorers and builders from around the world, Lift is a key partner for organizations and individuals wishing to identify the current challenges and creative solutions presented by emerging technologies, particularly in the ICT domain. Over the years, Lift has created a community and project portfolio contributing to and benefiting from the knowledge and contacts created through our events. It provides a forum for start-up presentations, business dating/networking/matchmaking, social networking and experience exchange with mentors. Since 2006 Lift has welcomed over 15'000 participants from 40 countries in over 30 events.

Lift events also include activities like the Venture Night where start-ups are given exposure and an opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and investors. AP-Swiss is willing to establish a long-term partnership with Lift, to raise general awareness about AP-Swiss’ activities and the opportunities offered by the ARTES 20 and ARTES 3-4 programmes and facilitate the discussion with interested participants from the ICT community attending the Geneva Lift conferences.

24 January 2014

New ITT release by ESA

The European Space Agency release a new ITT: Water availability.

The entire list of ITT can be found on the ESA website or a selection on our current opportunity page.

18 June 2013

Interview on Radio Suisse Romande

On 17 June, José Achache was interviewed on the science radio show CQFD of Radio Suisse Romande. To listen to the interview, follow the link below :
listen to the interview (french)

17 June 2013

New ITT release by ESA

The European Space Agency release a new ITT: Maintenance and recovery of high voltage electricity transport systems.

The entire list of ITT can be found on the ESA website or a selection on our current opportunity page.

12 June 2013

AP-Swiss at Rome conference

The Third ARTES Applications Workshop took place in Rome on 18 April 2013. It was attended by more than 250 attendees and featured projects supported through ESA’s Integrated Applications and SatCom Applications programmes. José Achache gave a keynote presentation entitled « When Technology meets Customer’s Needs » and chaired the session on Environment : How space-based services can help the environment from a user perspective.

The complete programme can be found on the IAP/ESA web site as well as the presentation following this direct link.

18 April 2013

Interview for EPFL web site

An interview from José Achache on the opening of AP-Swiss and its value for the Swiss industry was published on the main page of the EPFL web-site.


12 April 2013


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