open competition

The standard procedure for placing contracts with ESA is the Open Competition. In this case, ESA is inviting companies and organisations to submit a proposal in response to a particular subject as defined by the Agency in coordination with the needs and requirements of the user community collaborating with ESA.

The Cover Letter of the specific ITT predefines the maximum budget for the project, the closing date for submitting the offer and the list of Key Acceptance Factors, tenders shall comply with.

Activities may be either 100% funded by ESA or funded in partnership with another entity with whom a suitable agreement is reached.

Open competitive ITTs cover one of the following activities:

The list of Invitations to Tender (ITT) currently open for proposals can be found here. It contains the actions that are funded on ESA’s ARTES Applications programmes. This type of activity is initiated by ESA as direct result of Awareness Activities and dedicate to a specific subject.
For each listed ITT a summary note of the action will be found (closing date, short description of the work to be carried out, estimated price range, etc.).