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SolumScire project will make use of latest satellite-, positioning- and remote sensing technologies to better understand soil and soil conditions as related to crop production. This feasibility study aims to finalize the concept of a business model and service for new, spatial and high resolution soil data and is surveying innovative technical ways to acquire such data with a tillage machine whilst tilling a field. The combination of such data with information from satellite and in-situ-soil sensors will be studied to increase applicability of the service. The idea is to create a service for farmers to feed spatially resolved soil information automatically into the farm management system (FMS) with the aim to adjust and improve soil related precision farming activities on their farm. This project aims to add value for farmers and the European society in general by increasing yield or yield stability and decreasing emissions from farms. The proposed feasibility study shall create a better understanding on possibilities to achieve such aim with a technical as well as a business perspective involving relevant stakeholders from the beginning.


Key benefits

  • Geolocation of measurements from any level of remote sensing
  • Positioning of machinery or sensor carriers
  • Identification of field variation in soil properties (soil zoning)
  • Identification of need for further close up or soil borne information collection
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