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Astrocast is a network of nano satellites providing global Machine to Machine Services (M2M) to global businesses at lowest industry cost.
Thanks to its low earth polar orbits, Astrocast’s network of nanosatellites covers the entire surface of the Earth and enables transmission of 1KB/day. Wherever the assets are, a view of the sky is enough to stay connected, whatever the size and growth of the fleet is. With this platform, users and businesses can connect, manage and track their remote assets mounting just a small terminal into their assets. Astrocast’s cloud system provides REST APIs allowing users to easily integrate and monitor their fleet of remote assets into their own information system.
Astrocast allows users to have Remote Monitoring, Geolocation Services, Predictive Maintenance and Intelligent Data from every remote assets around the Earth.

Key benefits

  • Global Coverage on remote regions not covered by cellular connectivity
  • Low-Cost Service in comparison to expensive Satellite Service
  • Astrocast enables transmission of 1KB/day
  • Communication transmission is securely sent
  • Data are uploaded to a cloud
  • Users can easily have access to data through a web application
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