CROSSTECH: enhanced demining operations

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Space Assets for Enhanced Demining

Nowadays landmines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) still represent a danger for civilians, even long after conflicts. In addition, both dramatically hinder the recovery of economies impacted by a conflict, because resources located within areas such as arable land, infrastructure and water suspected of mine contamination cannot be exploited.

SAFEDEM aims at providing a service platform addressing the needs of the Mine Action community to improve and optimize planning and preparation, and to reduce the impact of demining activities. The platform integrates data from Earth Observation satellites with high-resolution data acquired through Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to offer a comprehensive set of products and services in support to land release process in mine action at its various levels.

The SAFEDEM Demonstration Project is the follow-up of the   SAFEDEM Feasibility Study which demonstrated the capability of space integrated assets to provide useful information for the demining activities confirming the potential to provide sustainable services with measurable benefits to the mine action community.

SAFEDEM demo project:

  • Bring satellite technologies in the Mine Action context
  • Consolidate a methodology for integration of Satellite, RPAS and land-based data
  • Field Survey Services provided by SatImage and MiniUAS that provide satellite images and/or field survey data
  • Value Adding Services: Thematic maps and MA Risk maps
  • The above two categories are supported by the platform Geoportal
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