GAITUP: elderly people activity monitoring

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The goal of this project is to promote healthy and independent mobility and living thanks to smart solutions.

Gait deficits are ubiquitous among the older population, and lead to enormous personal, occupational and health care burden. As the ratio of working to ‘inactive’ people is shifting from 4 to 1 today to 2 to 1 by 2060, we are facing a fast-growing ageing population in Europe. One of the most common problem for elderly people is the risk of fall:  1 out of 3 people aged over 65+ falls each year, with severe consequences such as hip fracture.

In this project, we use existing hardware from off-the-shelf wrist-worn trackers, allowing to address the mass in terms of affordability and supply chain, and bring accuracy that has never been obtained before, thanks to an innovative fusion software, in the form of an algorithm combining satellite navigation and inertial sensors output.

Key benefits

  • Evidence based prevention measures for clinicians
  • Preventative healthcare approach for insurers
  • Enhanced security and quality of life for users
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