NOVELTIS: high voltage infrastructure monitoring

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Maintenance and Recovery of High Voltage Electricity Transport Systems

Blackouts during the last ten years in Europe and Northern America have demonstrated an increasing likelihood of supra-regional blackouts with accompanying large economic losses. Down time of the electricity grid is extremely costly for the society as a whole, and specifically for the grid operators loosing considerable amounts of money per MWh of non-distributed electricity. The HV-SATPROTEC consortium led by NOVELTIS-Switzerland is currently developing a set of services utilising space- and drone-based as well as advanced image processing technologies to improve the assessment of damages and the anticipation of risks threatening the infrastructures. This allows to significantly lower potential economic losses related to power outages and the high maintenance and recovery costs, while improving the safety of operations by reducing the need for human live-line maintenance inspections.


  • Generation of 3D representation of power line corridor
  • Visualisation of critical distances to objects (e.g. trees, illegal buildings) treatening the infrastructure
  • Automatic detection of visible and non-visible damages
  • Output products tailored to users’ maintenance management systems
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