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The Consumer Habits Identification Service (CHIS) enables the ski resort operators to answer the basic question “How do their visitors spend their time?”. For this purpose, CHIS uses anonymized collected data about ski resort visitors. Such information is gained from available local systems (e.g. ticketing systems) and from end user systems (e.g. ski resort or third party smartphone apps). CHIS provides tools to evaluate and analyse the collected data with respect to the information needs by the different ski resort members (e.g. marketing, local management). The results are displayed to the ski resort operators in a valuable format including figures, graphs, maps and statistical information.

The Documentation Support Service (DSS) provides services for an easier documentation of activities (e.g. incidents, accidents, and blasting operations) with seamless data processing, i.e. as much data as possible is captured and inserted automatically where required. The loss of information between the on-site investigations and the reporting is minimized.

Space Added Value

Following list summarizes the space satellite technologies and the added valued they offer to the SafeSki service provision:


– Key enabling technology for geo-referenced data

– Key enabling technology for obtaining information about the behaviour of skiers


– Increase in accuracy, availability and integrity of the obtained GNSS data


– Obtaining area-wide rough information about the snow coverage within ski resorts

– Obtaining area-wide snow coverage time lines from the temporal variations of the radar signal backscattering between co-registered products (Sentinel-1) or from Sentinel-2 time series.

Key benefits

  • Increasing safety and security on slopes through identification of critical areas
  • Increasing customers through optimized processes and thus no waiting times
  • Saving time regarding data acquisition through fast, easy and complete documentation of data in the field
  • Reducing personnel costs through optimization of work and infrastructure
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