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A Web-based Forest Certification Information System

Forest Stewardship Council and its members have little information about the internal and external boundaries of certified forests, and very few updated maps or images. The objectives set by FSC for TransparentForests are to develop a platform that integrates forest management data with independently generated maps that will:

– Reduce the overall costs of certification
– Raise the quality and reliability of forest audits
– Increase transparency and credibility of certification process
– Encourage greater stakeholder engagement

Facilitate operational efficiencies for Forestry Organisations, Conformity Assessment Bodies and Accreditation Services International in certification.

features (from 2016)

  • Annual maps of relevant land cover types and of changes between audits
  • Maps showing relevant forest management data (e.g. boundaries)
  • A mobile app, allowing users to upload georeferenced tracks, points of interest, boundaries, comments and photos
  • Observations and records of events or changes in the forest
  • Data and tables that can be built into audit reports
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