NOVELTIS: water supply infrastructure management

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Improved Monitoring and Maintenance Planning of Water Supply Infrastructure

Changes of rainfall patterns and the global population growth drastically increase the urgency for ensuring a reliable and efficient functioning of water supply infrastructure. In the course of the WATERLENS project and through close interaction with users the most urgent issues regarding the monitoring and maintenance of a resilient, cost-effective and sustainable water supply chain have been identified. The technical feasibility and economic viability of different service concepts has been investigated, aiming at an improved early recognition of threats to water infrastructure and the support of leakage and burst detection. To increase reliability and lower costs, this project seeks for integrated solutions capitalising on new space- and non-space based technologies like earth observation satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as well as advanced computer vision techniques for automatic image analysis.


  • Overview mapping of entire drainage basins
  • Detection of critical elements and land use/activity changes in easement for water pipelines
  • Detection of topography changes (e.g. soil movements, excavation, erosion) near water pipelines
  • Detection of potential water pipeline leakages or bursts
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